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  • $25.00

    All of the “Belle” sticker sheets in one magical bundle! 6 sticker sheets included.

    This set includes:
    • “Belle” Deco Sheet
    • “Butterfly Belle” Deco Sheet (in L or D)
    • “Belle” Washi Strips Sheet
    • Butterflies Sheet
    • “Belle Decor” Sheet
    • “Vintage Butterfly” Circles Sheet

  • $32.00

    All of my new bday-aesthetic sticker sheets in one magical bundle! 11 sticker sheets total.

    This set includes:
    • “So Magical” Deco Sheet
    • “Good Days” Deco Sheet
    • (3) Ombre Sky Print Aesthetic Circles [in Beige/Blue, Beige/Umber, Beige/Pink]
    • “Blazers” Mini Sheet
    • “Ones” Mini Sheet
    • (4) Mini Labels Sheet – your choice of color/s! [labels includes money, reminder, meals + work]