Unlimited Listings Commercial License


Unlimited Commercial License:
• Good for 25-500 units
• valid for UNLIMITED listings
• Click here for more details!

• You will NOT receive any physical items/files with purchase.
• Receipt of this purchase/downloaded image confirms your right for commercial use
• Please keep a copy of your receipt for records.


UNLIMITED commercial use:
25-500 units sold. This license is valid for ALL PRODUCTS. You are able to purchase/sell any listing you’d like. Credit to shop is not necessary but always appreciated! Once 500 units are sold, another license will need to be purchased. The 500 units includes the collective sales of all listings.
— Ex. You purchase (3) LMP girl clipart sets. (1) Unlimited License is required. You go on to sell (200) units of set 1, (250) of set 2, & (50) of set 3. Another license is required to continue selling all (3) sets.

• Click here for full details!

• By purchasing this set, you agree to the Terms of Use which state that you may not re-sell, share, claim, transfer, loan, copy, or give away this file. © 2017 Little Magic Prints. All rights reserved.


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